Travel Affiliate Program

- A fine way to earn money -

If you have a website, especially a travel website, our Flight Affiliate Program could be just the thing you need to start making money from all the traffic your website is getting. We pay about 0.07 EUR for every lead generated. Our partners have an average conversion rate of 20%, so for every 1000 visitors to your site you will earn 14 with the flight search. Of course, if the traffic is good the lead value will go up (we’ve seen it go up to 0.25 EUR) and so can your conversion rate. Is your traffic is above average?

- When can I get started? -

You can get started right now if you’d like. The affiliate program is accessible at, where you can sign up for free and apply for a revenue share. This means that of all the earnings your traffic creates through our search engine, we share 50% with you. The details are explained quite thoroughly on the site itself, so go ahead and check it out.


- What about hotels and cars? -

We specialize in flight search, so we leave the hotel and car search business to others, both on our own site and regarding the affiliate program. Our affiliate program only includes flights, but we highly recommend our friends at if you want a brilliant hotel search (we recently wrote about available hotel affiliate programs), and if you want a killer rental car search, check out the guys at CarTrawler, they rock.


- How does it look? -

Like your own branded version of this (go ahead, try it):

Impressed?Then go take a look at the Affiliate page