A brief history of Dohop

Dohop was born in 2004, out of the lack of a proper way to find and connect flights online. We didn’t invent the wheel or anything, but we did create a pretty neat flight search that has some very unique features. At heart, Dohop is simply a search engine, much like Google, except only for flights. We search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places, and then we search for the best prices for those routes. We also find rental cars and hotel rooms, cheaper than most.

As you can see below, we’re not a big company but we are growing and we have a terrific team. When we’re not at our desks we play the occasional game of foosball and on Fridays we try to squeeze in a beer or two after work.

Dohop Team

The team

Kristján Guðni Bjarnason CEO Dohop Kristjan is our CEO, the big man himself.
He’s the outdoorsy type as you can imagine. He is also the head of operations, which means he actually does important stuff to make sure you see correct prices and he is always ready to take on a fussball match.

Kristjan has been with us since the very early days, when Dohop was merely a single box in the founder’s garage. He’s a freelance mountain guide here in Iceland, taking people up to Hvannadalshnúkur, Iceland’s highest peak, during the summer.


Davíð Gunnarsson Dohop salesmanagerDavid is our sales guru and boy does he talk.
A lot, and usually without pause. It’s really as if he can talk and breathe at the same time. All this talking makes him ideal for being in charge of selling our search engine solutions to airlines and airports all over the world.

David loves food, cooking it as well as eating it, and actually took part in Iceland’s Masterchef. To the benefit and general happiness of The Dohop team, David occasionally and magically cooks up dishes to die for.


Jóhann Þórsson affiliate marketing manager DohopJoi wears a hat on Fridays.
He has a masters degree in bioinformatics, which is absolutely useless in his work managing Dohop’s fantabulous Whitelabel system.

Joi reads quite a bit and writes too, short stories mostly but also the occasional novel. He also firmly believes that there is no god, and we’d recommend not getting into an argument with him about that.


Árni Már Jónsson CTO DohopArni rides as fast as the wind.
If he’s not on his bike, which he rides quite fast and frequently, he’s at his desk programming. When asked about what he does at Dohop, he “fixes things”, and we guess that anyone would be hard pressed to offer a better explanation.

Arni is the mastermind behind the Dohop flight search in its current form. According to him the only other flight search out there worth its salt is Skyscanner’s – the Dohop flight search runs laps around everyone else.


Sigurður Pálsson Dohop Development and operationsSiggi is not who you think he is.
He may look harmless but underneath that cool, calm exterior is a force to be reckoned with. Mild-mannered software developer during the day; theater actor, director and playwright at night.

One of Siggi’s main concerns is that when you’re looking for flights, you actually see a price and that it’s the correct one at that. He’s also responsible for bringing in new vendors, so that we can show you as many search results as possible and you can find the lowest price.


Þórir Magnússon Operations manager DohopThorir runs faster than you do,
almost without a doubt. He has run marathons in New York, Berlin, Reykjavik, you name it. He also bikes to work come rain, sleet or snow (we often get them all at once here in Iceland).

Thorir spends his days at work making sure that the hamsters that power our servers are well fed and regularly rested. And of course he also makes sure that their little hamster wheels don’t squeak. If they did, you’d hear the noise from here.


Gunnarr Baldursson Dohop Development and operations Gunnarr eats steel for breakfast,
right after he drives his motorcycle to work. Yeah, that just happened. In his spare time, for steel-eating consumes most of it, he manages Dohop’s entire price-bot army, with an iron fist.

Gunnarr likes to keep things in order and since he got here he has completely revolutionized the way we manage the most important part of our operations side, namely, making sure you always see the right price.


Magnús Skúlason Dohop UI Development Maggi sitting down means Maggi is working.
He’s also the quiet one of the bunch but under the silence lies a quirky sense of humor. He’s in charge of Dohop’s front-end and makes sure that the site is as beautiful as it should be, and that all the buttons and toggles work as you’d expect.

Maggi has tried everything from cycling to rock climbing to sailing. He bikes around 10k to get to work and is an absolute ace at foosball.


Ingvar Ómarsson Dohop UI DevelopmentIngvar
is our mountain biker extraordinaire. Over the summertime he bikes, and he doesn’t really stop except to occasionally pop into the Dohop office to write some code. He is a national champion in both mountain biking and road racing and he’s going places.

Ingvar is a desammer (our word for designer and programmer) and he is responsible for various parts of the Dohop website.


Mikael Dubik Dohop operationsMikki
 should have evolved hairy legs by now, because he just loves wearing shorts. We are continually amazed at his ability to do this even during the winter in Iceland, and it’s not as if the summers are that much warmer.

Mikki handles the operational side of Dohop and makes sure that you get prices for all the flights you are looking for.